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Kristina is wearing an outfit from my graduation project. 

– A crop corset made of light, night blue, wool. The fabric is striped, and this piece has several cuts, which allowed me to play with the stripes direction. On the center front, a pleat, showing off some black silk taffetas. Whole piece is padded, in order to create an Obi effect (traditional japanese belt). Cotton lining. 

– Pants and corset share the same fabric. 3/4 lenght and kick-flare cut. There is a mid-leg vertical seam in the front and back, allowing me to supress the side seam and again, play with the stripes direction. For confort : two large italian pockets. Cotton lining.

– A light blue striped cotton shirt. This shape comes from the male wardrobe, making this look a bit oversized and androgynous ; while being confortable to wear. 


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