Greetings everyone,
and welcome.

I designed this website to present my work.
It has 3 different sections : clothes, graphic arts and photography, the 3 means by which I express my creativity. Everything you find on this website is the fruit of my work.

My name is Julie and I graduated from the Fashion Design Bachelor at ESMOD Paris in 2016.
My graduation project was awarded « Coup de coeur du jury ».

After a year of internships in different high fashion and Couture houses I decided to start my own artistic project.
I design modern, minimalist, structured and comfortable clothing.

I use high-end, 100% natural, fabrics, and every piece of clothing is handmade in Paris.
I yearn to promote a sustainable, responsible, high quality, slow fashion.

I find inspiration in the human body, architecture, deconstruction and modern art.

When it comes to photography, I like to capture light, contrasts and sunsets.

Enjoy your visit !

Feel free to contact me for any additional information, or if you have some artistic project in mind.

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Instagram : j_goldschmidt

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